You expect for someone to instantly hit on you, sweep you off your feet, make you paella therefore falling in love with Barcelona. You blame Woody Allen.
There are beautiful people everywhere but even though you can understand almost everything you can’t find one Spanish word in your head and feel like it’s too pretentious to hit on someone in English.

Your friend has college everyday, so you just walk and walk and walk till you feel like your knees are about to jump out and roll away in protest. The beach is a beach, but feels like a mall by how it’s organized. Alleys intersect alleys drowning you in a mosaic of old and new. La Sagarda Familia really was breathtaking but you weren’t about to stand in that line. Same for the Picasso museum. Luckily you find the Museum of Modern European art, one of the best museums you have ever been to.

Apartment hunting is a movie in itself. Most don’t mention that they are families only renting out a room. You could cut the air with the awkward tension.

Barcelona reminds you of any other big international city, but sometimes the architecture is better. Any big city has its places where you feel like you’d fall in love with whomever talks to you next.

The thing that makes a city isn’t buildings, lingering images flashing by your eyes that you might recall in passing. Cities are made of people that ebb and flow like blood through a body. Without knowing someone in a city it is like any other pile of rock across the world. You are missing that connection and it frustrates you.

It’s time to go home, but you can’t imagine it all being over.